YES welcomes Haydn Yates to the team

YES welcomes Haydn Yates to the team
It was March exactly 3 years ago that Yates Electrical Services energised a prototype 180kW solar farm in Renmark, South Australia. Built on the roof of an old aircraft hangar storage facility which started its life as a cannery, the solar installation would provide valuable insights and data into the viability of creating a distributed network of solar farms throughout regional South Australia.

It was an exciting time for the business; Our journey into the world of the National Electricity Market was just beginning, the name ‘Redmud Green Energy’ was still just the whisper of an idea and the complexities of the path before us were largely unknown. The learning curve which would take place over the next 3 years would be an emotional rollercoaster that would often test the limits of everyone involved, nevertheless the sense of achievement it would bring would be unparalleled.

I recall the first conversations - from the brainstorming of names for the project to generating marketing materials and leads to unleash our idea on the world through any avenue in which it would fit. We attended conferences, we attended countless meetings and information sessions, we sought advice from industry professionals and thrust ourselves into the storm of social media networking with all the excitement of new parents.

We ate pizza and 2-minute noodles. We drank beer, scotch, and way too much Coke. All the while the project grew from a single solar generating plant into ten, then twenty, then fifty. Three years after Redmud Green Energy was launched, we are now developing our fifty-sixth site, with many more currently in various stages of development. As the business grew, so too did the team of skilled electricians, tradespeople and professionals - each an integral part in developing the necessary processes which would ultimately enable Yates Electrical Services to offer a turn-key solution for solar farming.

The latest addition to the Yates Electrical Services team bears the same name as the title of the business, and rightly so; Haydn Yates has been like a brother to Yates Electrical Services’ director Mark Yates ever since they were born to the same parents. Filling the role as the Business Development Manager, Haydn’s responsibilities are numerous and extensive - largely overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business from human resources, data management, client and customer experience management and team culture development to name but a few. Haydn’s important role is essentially to build the ground-work which will allow a successful, pro-active and efficient team to flourish.
“The majority of my experience is with a public-listed company with a huge amount of moving parts,” Haydn said, referring to his previous seven years employment in the sales team for major construction industry players Simonds Homes. Haydn was also fundamental to the company’s move into the South Australian market when they first set up shop in Adelaide.

“When you’re looking at the heavy, corporate end of town, there is often red-tape involved even with basic systems as you’re dealing with a lot of people in a national environment. It can make it very hard to make quick changes, even if they are clearly in the best interest of the business.

“I guess I’ve been able to see the best bits of that environment both with how effective certain processes were and how those processes were implemented, which allows me to filter out those which were done well and introduce them into a team which is still very much in the early stages of growth.”

Haydn, who officially started working with Yates Electrical Services three weeks ago, describes his first few weeks with the business as an ‘eighty-eight degree learning curve’, as he brings himself up to speed on the immense amount of information on market procedures as well as internal business operations.
“It’s been thoroughly enjoyable – not only from the perspective of learning about this complex market and how our business fits within it, but also working in a forward-thinking team where we’re able to implement changes quickly and have everyone’s support."
"When you have the right people around you who are able to embrace these changes and understand the need to get everything optimised at this stage of development, it’s really refreshing.”

Sustainable growth while maintaining a healthy culture within the business are of key importance to Haydn, who has wasted no time in sinking his teeth into the various developments which are taking place throughout the business. “It’s one of the most important values in business; you could have a business which grows exponentially, but if you don’t maintain a culture where everyone communicates effectively to promote collaboration and respect within your team, you’re essentially building a house of cards. I think it’s important that we create a business structure where people are allowed to grow naturally and feel like they’re part of something bigger.”

Starting his career working in his father’s clothing store on the main street of Renmark, Haydn found himself with a natural desire to improve his working environments, so when Mark Yates enticed him to join Yates Electrical Services it was through a recognition of mutual benefit for the development of the various brands associated with Yates Electrical Services. “Haydn has a very similar work ethic to me; he’s driven and motivated. As Yates Electrical Services begins to move in so many directions it’s imperative that we really start filling these roles to manage the growth of our team in preparation for new developments,” said Mark Yates, the director of the business.

For me, I’m now the meat in a Yates sandwich, but with two of the most pro-active people I’ve ever encountered involved in the team, I’m extremely optimistic for the future of the YES brand.

On behalf of the Yates Electrical Services team, we extend a welcome to Haydn and wish him the best in his new role.

Now, let’s order a pizza.

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