YES Powers UP with SMA

YES Powers UP with SMA
I got told once that success is the crossroad between preparation and opportunity, if you’re not prepared when you get to that crossroad, you’ll miss your opportunity. This was imparted to me at a juncture in my life where all I cared about was playing music and drinking beer, so unfortunately - as prophetic as it could have been to a budding musician - it fell on deaf, drunk ears.

The story of Mark Yates is very different to my own - someone who knew early on that working for himself would be a far better use of his time, so much so, that he started his own business on the same day he was signed off as a qualified electrician. Yet his journey would not be without its challenges, as he found out in 2011 when he was confronted with a trial that would ultimately be one of the defining moments of his career.

It was the second day of his honeymoon in Bali during a spouse-imposed technology ban when he stole a moment to check his emails, only to be receive the news that their biggest client - for whom they had primarily installed nearly four-hundred residential solar installations over the previous 3 years - had gone into receivership, owing Yates Electrical Services a 6-figure debt.
“As soon as I landed back in Australia we went straight into a meeting. I was presented with a possible opportunity to recover a portion of the money owed to us, but the stipulations it carried were too restrictive,” said Mark Yates, reminiscing on probably one of the most tumultuous times of his life. “Our business basically had the option to roll over and die, or dust ourselves off and push forward.”

Yet, Mark and his team were not alone; A community of locals who had organised solar installations were now facing down the potential of losing their deposits, with Yates Electrical Services - being known as the local installer - in the firing line for an understandably irate customer base. It was at this crossroad that Mark saw his opportunity - following the placement of a single advert in the local newspaper stating they would honour the deposits paid and finalise the installations, Mark once again managed to get his business back on its feet.
“We got absolutely inundated with enquiries, we were working fifteen-hour days, seven days a week installing solar systems. I remember the phone ringing at 11pm and thinking ‘you have got to be joking’. It was definitely a very crazy time for the business, but the support we got from locals was incredible - we wouldn’t have made it through without our community getting behind us.”
The next three years saw Yates Electrical Services deliver over eight-hundred residential solar installations throughout the Riverland with a skeleton crew, a diet of pizza and scotch, and a maximum of 4 hours sleep a night.

With a massive workload and a small team, the efficiency of each job became paramount - just as important as deadlines came the necessity for reliable resources.

“We trialled a couple of options for the equipment we were installing, but we quickly settled on the products which we found most consistent, particularly in terms of reliability and ease of installation. The SMA Sunny Boy series quickly became a staple of our installations, proving to be a reliable piece of equipment since we first started installing them.”
As an extension of our involvement with SMA, Yates Electrical Services have now been recognised as a Trusted Solar Energy Partner through the companies ‘SMA PowerUP’ network (they even gave us a little plug on their Facebook page). Not only does this acknowledge Yates Electrical Services as a trusted and professional SMA installer but it also enables Yates Electrical Services to provide additional warranties to our customers which can only be obtained by engaging an SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Partner.

Thanks to SMA, any residential solar installations carried out by Yates Electrical Services now carry an additional 5 year parts warranty on top of the 5 year full manufacturer’s warranty already provided by SMA. This means that you can organise a residential installation today and have the peace of mind that your system will be covered for any parts malfunctions for the next 10 years.

Yates Electrical Services would like to extend their thanks to SMA for being recognised as the newest trusted installer in South Australia. If you are looking for information in regard to a residential solar installation, make sure to give us a call to find out what we can do for you today.

About the Author

Patrick is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Yates Electrical Services. When he's not designing stuff and writing stories, he performs as an acoustic soloist and spends time with his beautiful little family.

Patrick also likes long walks on the beach, sewing, and photoshopping himself to look like an Avenger. He really wishes he was an Avenger.